Wind River Range, Wyoming

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  1. Hey Kate! A timely post for us; we leave Monday morning for another backpack to the Winds. Although we won’t be heading over Texas Pass we do plan to detour to Shadow Lake. We decided against Jackass and after reading your post are glad we did. Our Ridgeback is a pretty sturdy dog but his two humans are getting on in years. We did the Green River entrance last year so this time going in at Big Sandy, looping around Grave Lake and “lolly popping” back to Big Sandy. Thanks for the fun read.

  2. Hi Kate! I’m working on some trip planning for this route for a jaunt this coming August. I was considering started south and working my way north as that works a best smoother logistically. But nearly all posts start north and head south. Why is that? Less elevation? Any advice?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi there. Either way works and people do. There might be some lingering snow on Knapsack Col and Texas Pass which hold snow… you’d be doing that going uphill going northbound. I enjoyed being able to slide down on by butt (Atlas loved that) instead of dealing with traveling up a snowfield. But I passed people going up those same areas, so it’s no big deal.

      Elevation depends on where you come in/out but assuming you started at Big Sandy TH and finish at Green River Lakes TH, it’s about even elevation gain/loss. If you hike the CDT proper southbound it’s about 13,600 ascent and 12,200 descent; and if you take the Cirque of the Towers and Knapsack Col alternate routes (highly recommend both!) it’s about 16,700 ascent and 15,300 descent. So, really similar on both routes.

      Let me know if you’ve got any other qs. The Guthooks App for CDT Wyoming might be super helpful to your planning? It has all the stuff you need to know marked at waypoints, along with user generated comments that relate eg. water sources, snow crossing, trailhead logistics etc.

      Have fun! -Elevated

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