Collegiate Peaks Wilderness (Twin Lakes, CO to Monarch Pass, CO)

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  1. Great story and beautiful pics! I love that your hiking partner was your dog. I did the entire CT in 2018 but did collegiate east. Now I’d like to do the west side. Were there any parts that were drop offs on both sides of the trail? Ridge walking? Those make me nervous.

    1. Hi Betty, this was a great stretch of trail, I really enjoyed it. I don’t recall there being any exposed/sketchy sections of trail at all actually. You are walking on trail up high on ridgelines but the trail is good and it’s not knife edge. I know the pass above Lake Ann can hold snow into the summer and if you hit it too early you need to negotiate a cornice, but when I hiked through it the snow had melted from the trail, luckily. Maybe flip through the pics I posted, it’ll give you an idea of what the trail was like. Let me know if any other qs!
      Have fun! – Elevated

  2. Hi Kate!
    I was wondering where you ended up parking your car at the end? We’re planning to do this same stretch that you do did and sorting out where we can leave our car without it getting towed!


    1. Ahh, sorry to just be seeing this, Milca. I parked at Monarch Lodge, a few miles east of the pass. There’s a forest road you can walk at the end that gets you right across the street from the lodge. I stayed at that lodge the night before I started the walk and they said I could leave my car there for the week. I got a shuttle up to Tennessee Pass to start the walk then walked back to Monarch.

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