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West and Amethyst Basins, Uinta Wilderness

Atlas’ first multi-day backpacking adventure! 22 miles in 3 days. Camping at Kermsuh and Amethyst Lakes. How do you cross a swift moving stream with a dog? The always breathtaking High Uinta Wilderness didn’t disappoint.

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Granddaddy Basin, Uinta Wilderness

Guinness and I adventure a new basin in the Uinta Wilderness, Grandaddy Basin. We hiked about 8 or so miles a day, staying at Fern Lake the first night and Pine Island Lake the second. Truly beautiful wilderness. After passing Granddaddy Lake on the way in and out of the basin, we didn’t see another human in 2 days.

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Rock Creek Basin, Uinta Wilderness

Another fabulous Kate and Guinness adventures in a new drainage of the Uintas. The hike followed the Highline trail through pine forests and then climbed up and over Rocky Sea Pass at 11,300ft then dropped down into our home for 3 days, Rock Creek Basin. The basin was filled with stunning views of alpine cirques, glistening lakes, bubbling streams and pretty meadows. The fear factor over bears and mtn lions this time replaced by lightening.

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4 Lakes Basin, Uinta Wilderness

3 days of solitude exploring the¬†beautiful 4 Lakes Basin with Guinness. My first solo backpacking trip in the wilderness was a great experience… stunning scenery, pristine lakes and not another person in 3 days. I was pretty freaked out about bears and mountain lions, but it’s all a matter of mind over emotion, the reality of an encounter being very unlikely.

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