Where’s Kate?

5 thoughts on “Where’s Kate?

  1. Hi Kate, very much enjoyed your recent post, looking forward to following your CDT adventure .

  2. Kate,
    Thanks for stopping in at Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab! We look forward to following your journey!

  3. Dear Kate, I happened to stumble across your web blog. I am very impressed with your outdoor abilities. I am so glad that you were able to visit Glacier National Park. My web presence is at: loveflood1.tumblr.com. Can I send you a T-shirt ? Love is my rudder. When I hike in the backcountry I sing ” Waltzing Matilda ” did you know that song is also the theme song of the U.S. Marines 1st Marine Division ? Wishing you many happy trails always.
    Jack Fairchild

  4. Hello! It’s so great to see another woman backpacking solo (or “sola”). Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your courage is a great example and gives a lot of support to those of us who want to do the same (but haven’t yet come close to what you’ve accomplished).

    1. Thanks Isabella for the lovely comment. Start with small steps to push you out of your comfort zone and keep going. I used to be totally freaked out to be in the wilderness on my own, now it feels totally fine- even in Grizzly country. Each adventure built on the last and my comfort zone slowly grew. Get after it!

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