Where’s Kate?

My Map: https://share.delorme.com/KateMcGuinness

I’d love to have you follow along! My GPS will be updating my location on this page on a daily basis. For security you’ll need a password. Please get in touch with me via email or otherwise and I’ll give it to you.


3 thoughts on “Where’s Kate?”

  1. Kate,
    Thanks for stopping in at Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab! We look forward to following your journey!

  2. Dear Kate, I happened to stumble across your web blog. I am very impressed with your outdoor abilities. I am so glad that you were able to visit Glacier National Park. My web presence is at: loveflood1.tumblr.com. Can I send you a T-shirt ? Love is my rudder. When I hike in the backcountry I sing ” Waltzing Matilda ” did you know that song is also the theme song of the U.S. Marines 1st Marine Division ? Wishing you many happy trails always.
    Jack Fairchild

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