Atlas’ gear list


TurboPup– Meal Bars. I feed Atlas a couple of blocks every time we stop for a rest break.

Tuckers Carnibar- Dehydrated Meat Meals. I feed Atlas 1 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These have just been discontinued, so i’m looking for a new option.

Water/Food Bowl– This has to be the lightest weight dog bowl on the market. It folds up into nothing and fits in my pack’s hipbelt for quick access to get Atlas hydrated without needing to take my pack off.

Hiking Gear

Grip Trex Dog Boots– I use these if Atlas has any paw injuries or if the trail is really hot or has sharp rocks. He wears a different size for his front paws vs his back.

Boot Liners- I use these under his boots. I’ve tried the boots without these liners but he gets friction sores on his feet. They work well but fall down over time and so I adjust them each time we stop.

Cooling Jacket– This really helps him out in the heat. It has cooling technology and drops his body temp pretty substantially. It does dry out fairly quickly when it’s really hot. I won’t hike in the desert without this.

Palisades Pack – I’ve tried everything to make this pack work but it’s just not a good option for Atlas. He gets sores under his arms when he uses it. I’ve tried tweaking the fit, adding the cooling liner, using anti-chaffing cream under his arms and keeping him and the pack out of water. I’m on the hunt for a new pack and until then, i get to carry his stuff.


Sleeping Pad– We use this a lot! I use it for my sit pad for breaks during the day and Atlas sleeps on it at night.

Synthetic Jacket– I tried the doggy sleeping bag that Ruffwear makes but Atlas hates being zipped into it. This jacket works really well instead unless it’s really cold. Below about 40 degrees it’s not quite warm enough.

First Aid

Fido Pro Airlift– This is a great little rescue device that i carry in case Atlas were to get injured to the point he can’t walk. I could use it to carry him to a point we could get rescued.

Skin Irritations- Chlorhexidine solution with gauze. If he gets a skin cut I use this as a disinfectant so it doesn’t get infected.

Skin Antibiotics- Cefpodoxime Proxetil tabs

Diarrhea Antibiotics- Metronidazole tabs

Anti-inflammatory- Rimadyl tabs

Eye Drops- Tobramycin solution

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