Yellowstone National Park (Old Faithful, WY) to Green River Lakes (Pinedale, WY)

140 miles through gorgeous Wyoming! Yellowstone National Park. Snake River Valley. Whiskey with Hojo! The Parting of the Waters. A creepy cowboy. Victory over a tree. Green River Lakes.

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Wyoming! (Lima, MT to Yellowstone NP, WY)

800 and something miles down and I’ve finally made it to Wyoming! Centennial Mountains. A sheep experiment. Mack’s Inn. Yellowstone National Park.

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Montanaho! (Chief Joseph Pass to Bannock Pass)

130 miles along the Montana-Idaho border in the Beaverhead (Montana) and Salmon (Idaho) mountains. Incredible vistas. Victory over thunderstoms. Body ailments continue. Passed my 600 mile mark. Rest in small town Idaho.

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Anaconda Pintler Wilderness (Anaconda to Darby)

A cross between Little Cottonwood Canyon and the Uintas, the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness is totally incredible! 20,000ft of ascent and descent. 90 mountain miles. Wildflowers galore. The Idaho border! Trip odometer just shy of 500 miles. Great stretch, except the return of the blisters.

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Scapegoat Wilderness (Benchmark Ranch to Rogers Pass)

An action packed 60 miles in the Scapegoat Wilderness. Incredibly scenic ridgeline walking. A grueling 18 hour, 33 miles day out-walking the arrival of a big storm. Navigating in dark. Give me back the bears, lightning is a thousand times more terrifying!

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Many Glacier to East Glacier

Well, I’ve hiked the length of Glacier National Park! The 70 miles from Many Glacier to East Glacier were certainly adventure packed: mountain passes with dramatic views, two super scary Grizzly encounters, getting stuck in a rain/wind storm on Triple Divide Pass and crossing snow on Pitamakan Pass. Continue reading Many Glacier to East Glacier

Canada to Many Glacier

Wow. Probably all I need to say. Glacier National Park is simply stunning. The first 30 miles of the CDT was filled with fields of wild flowers, huge alpine lakes, massive jagged mountains and great trail. The adventure has finally began!

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The Hike Before the Hike

East Glacier Park to Marias Pass

16 miles

While I haven’t officially started the CDT yet, today I did hike a 16 mile section of trail from East Glacier up to Marias Pass, the pass I crossed coming in on the train yesterday. There’s a few reasons for doing this pre-hike: there’s a brutal cold snap sitting over Montana for a couple more days making the high country a tad unappealing; there’s still quite a bit of snow up high on the passes with some fresh falling yesterday; but mostly it’s so that when I do the 135 mile segment south of East Glacier in a couple of weeks it’ll only be 120 miles as I’ll skip ahead to Marias Pass and start from there. Details aside, I started my CDT hike today, although i’ll reserve the celebration for when I start hiking south from the Canadian border later in the week.

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The Adventure Begins!

It’s finally time, time to start my journey on the Continental Divide Trail. I’m writing from East Glacier Park, Montana, the kind of town where kids ride their bike down the middle of the street with an unleashed dog happily prancing along and cars stop to let them pass, huckleberry everything is sold at the few shops and restaurants there are and the world’s largest purple spoon is on display as you enter the town, that’s right, largest purple spoon.

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Stansbury Front Trail

At 24 miles, 10 canyon/pass traverses and 8,000ft elevation gain, the Stansbury Front Trail (SFT) is an action packed weekend point-to-point hike. Highlights were watching the sun rise over the Great Salt Lake, getting pounded by a thunderstorm in the comfort of my tent, wildflowers everywhere, tons of solitude, a great workout and the massive and beautiful Hickman Canyon.

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Bryce Canyon National Park, Under the Rim Trail

I drove down from Salt Lake City on Friday morning and arrived at the town of Bryce about 1 p.m. I jumped on the next shuttle into Bryce Canyon National Park. I’d never been here before, so the excitement factor was high.

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Great Western Trail, Zion National Park and 2016 Plans

It’s January 17th and I’ve decided it’s time I get with the rest of the world and welcome in 2016! I like to start out the new year with plans and resolutions firmly in place, so when I realized on Dec 31 that I’d been too busy to do that yet, I decided to stay in 2015 for a little while longer. But, before I get into 2016 plans, I have a few fun trips to catch you up on from the late fall and early winter: 3 canyon traverse from lower Millcreek to Little Cottonwood; the other 3 canyon traverse from Provo Canyon to Little Cottonwood along the Great Western Trail; and the East Rim of Zion National Park.

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Provo Canyon to Little Cottonwood Canyon, Great Western Trail

40 miles in 3 days. Epic views along a beautiful route. Freezing in my tent. Hiking with an injury isn’t fun. It’s hunting season, eek! This tri-canyon traverse was incredible. Continue reading Provo Canyon to Little Cottonwood Canyon, Great Western Trail

Summer Adventures

Injury recovery. Walking has never felt so liberating! Uinta Wilderness, Utah. Green River Lakes to Knapsack Col in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. Columbia Gorge to Mount Hood along the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon.

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Success, Failure and What’s Next…

After hearing the news that my hike on the Continental Divide Trail was over for the summer, I jumped on a plane to Australia and surprised my parents by arriving at their house unannounced. They were pretty shocked because I’d talked to them about 30 hours earlier from New Mexico and had told them I was headed back home to Salt Lake City. Ha!

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The results of an MRI shows a stress fracture in the tibia of my left leg. I am SO disappointed!!! It’s a 4-6 week recovery before I can start exercising on it again. CDT 1 : Kate 0. I WILL BE BACK, to even the score, CDT. But probably not this year. 

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Days 1-5: Crazy Cook to Lordsburg… Almost!

The first 60 miles on the trail have been absolutely incredible! The Bootheel desert is at the same time hostile and welcoming. The landscape is really impressive and life on the trail so far has been wonderful, I love it! The assault on the body has been tough, in fact I’ve returned to Lordsburg 25 miles early with a shin splint where I’ll wait while I recover before getting back on the trail. Stories and photos below…

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Starting Tomorrow!

Well, here I am! In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be sitting in a hotel room in southwestern New Mexico about to attempt to hike from the Mexican Border, through the USA, all the way to the Canadian border. Yet here I am! Here’s a quick update:

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2 Weeks To Go! I am EXHAUSTED!

I am a planner, it’s what I do. But boy…. am I sick of planning! Gear planning, food planning, route and navigation planning…. not to mention 12 hour days at work trying to get things lined up for my time away, trying to get in some miles with my pack on, rehabbing my ankle, and all the things that come with dropping out of ordinary society for 5 months. I’m lucky if i’m getting 4-5 hours sleep a night during the week at the moment. At least a handful of times a day I find myself daydreaming about taking some nice big breathes of fresh air and taking my first steps from the Mexican border, and I know it will all be worth it. I CAN’T WAIT! With just a little over 2 weeks to go now, here’s some updates on what I’ve been up to with trip planning:

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