Westport Beach, Highway 1, California

A week ago we camped on a canyon rim and this week we’re camped on a beach. Wow! I am loving this roadtrip! I was so happy to be done with the big drive that we stayed here for over a week.

Life on Westport Beach was pretty great. Wake up, look at waves from bed. Eat breakfast, look at waves from table. Go for a walk, look at waves from beach. Play with Millie, look at waves from doorway. Watch sunset, look at waves from deck chair. Go to sleep, listen to waves from bed.

Our spot couldn’t have been better, right on the beach!

The best thing about this stop is that Atlas got to meet the ocean!!! I LOVED watching him experience it for the first time. He ran full throttle towards it, halted briefly to look back at me, then continued right to it, just as he has every alpine lake he’s ever seen. Then a wave came crashing towards him and he turned around stunned and ran away from it and back to me just as quickly. Haha. Waves! Atlas LOVES swimming and being in the water but he wasn’t sure what to make of the waves.

We did lots of walks on the beach. At high tide there wasn’t much walking to be done but at low tide we could walk about 20 minutes up the coast before having to turn back. We walked to that point and back every day. It felt SO GREAT to be back on a beach. What a contrast to the desert we’ve just come from. Nature is so amazing to create such varied landscapes for us to enjoy.

Now that we’ve arrived at the Pacific Coast, the end of this amazing roadtrip feels that it’s nearing. We’re taking this final month to cruise the California coastline along Highway 1. We’ll finish our journey in LA when we jump on the big plane to Australia. I started getting really excited telling Atlas and Millie about the new life we’d be starting when we crossed this ocean in a month.

We went into town, Fort Bragg, one day to resupply and do some laundry. What a cute little town. Northern California is so much less developed than I thought it would be. Most of the 40 minute drive was along a quiet, narrow road that wound along the rugged coast and through farmlands. Millie loved the grocery store, she babbled and shrieked most of the time we were in there. We grabbed a delicious lunch of fish and chips with a pina colada on the side and ate it in the RV before taking Atlas for a walk at the town’s off-leash beach.

The sunsets were gorgeous and we took a walk along the beach for every one of them. It’s so great to be at the ocean!

When we weren’t hanging out on the beach, Atlas caught up on some sleep and watched his baby-sister; Millie played with her toys and harassed her big-brother; and I supervised all of that and watched surf movies. Millie also celebrated her 6 month birthday! I tied a balloon to her foot and it provided endless amusement, for all of us.

Next stop… we get a visit from a good friend!

Thanks for reading! -Elevated

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