Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona

The middle of nowhere. That’s where we were camped. Down the end of a bumpy dirt road on Bureau of Land Management land in the middle of nowhere. Perfect!

Can you spot the RV?

Like I said, perfect!

When I say middle of nowhere, I mean by normal person standards. Geologically speaking we were actually camped right in the middle of it all, at the base of the 2nd step of the Grand Staircase, the Vermilion Cliffs. I found this great image online that does a nice job of illustrating the incredible geology of this part of the West.

After leaving we actually drove through a lot of the rest of the staircase on our way to our next spot.

There wasn’t anything to do here but go for walks, look at the view and relax. I enjoyed it so much we stayed 4 days.

It was BLM land, so we were free to roam. Mostly we walked over to the rim and looked down at the Colorado River making its way towards the Grand Canyon. I thought fondly of my CDT days when I had stepped across the headwaters of the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The big exciting thing that happened while we were here was that my big girl, Millie, became big enough to go face-out in her carrier. She LOVES it! And so much cuteness with her little pink glasses! Owww.

Millie also discovered shadows so we spent sunrise each morning making shadow puppets on the wall. I really am loving watching this little girl discover the world around her!

Next stop… our new President just saved its bacon.

Thanks for reading. -Elevated

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  1. You truly amaze me. I’ve traveled more with you and your photos than I have in years! Millie and Atlas are so lucky to have you as a mom. Be safe!

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