Capitol Reef National Park

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  1. Great reading your hike & seeing Capitol Reef photos… is only a few weeks since we were there seeing the amazing rock formations!

  2. I’m wanting to do about a 20 mile loop there this month, so this seems like the perfect hike. Did you plan this loop out on your own, or were there other sources online that helped you plan this loop out? I’ve been doing research on this for a while, and your site is the only detailed info I can find. I’m looking for a two to three day backpacking trip in the area with a water source about half way through, or at least somewhere along the way.

    1. Hi Meghan!

      Great to hear you’re headed to Capitol Reef, what an incredible place!

      In preparing for my trip I used a National Geographic map, the National Park site and read what I could on blogs about individual sections of the Park. I didn’t find anyone’s blog that had linked them together like this. Glad mine is helpful!

      The National Park had a very very useful PDF to download on the Sulphur Creek route, without it it would have been way harder to figure out how to down-climb the 3 waterfalls. I’d also call the Visitor’s Center to ask them if they have any intel on current water sources, as March vs October may be different. That said, I can’t imagine Fremont River or Sulphur Creek drying up.

      I loved my route. There aren’t many opportunities to make it shorter, but what you could do is skip the Frying Pan and Great Wash Trails and instead just walk Hwy24 or hitch to where the Lower Spring Canyon route starts at Fremont River. Or walk from the Visitor Center to the campground, then Cohab Canyon back down to hwy24, then road walk to where Lower Spring Creek starts at the river.

      Let me know if you have any more qs. Happy planning!


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