Pie Town, NM to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, NM

12 thoughts on “Pie Town, NM to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, NM

  1. Thought of 2 books I read: one a long time ago about a fire lookout in California- “The Dharma Bums” Kerouac ?, the other about 2 neighbouring towns in the mid-west called Hope and Despair in a Jack Reacher book.
    Your blog makes great reading too.

  2. Awesome trip report! I love in NM and just spent 10 days down in the Gila…great description of the places you hiked thru…yeah the owner of Doc Campbells is cantankerous for sure. Gila river is awesome….come back in early Oct…nobody is there.

  3. Hi great story I was in the area in the early 80s we were camped up in the hilas outside reserve hiked over from Turkey park to the middle Fork spent a couple days in the canyon crossing back-and-forth good size Cliff overhang with Indian pottery there shards scattered around then to find some pretty nice hot springs at the end of the hike just before the highway mid April lime green leaves beautiful weather and surroundings water was about from ankle to just over the thgh high great experience would love to go back there thanks for sharing yours. ; )

  4. I seriously need to get off my fat butt and learn to backpack through the forest like this. Your story is inspirational. I haven’t hiked into the Gila Wilderness behind Snow Lake since my father took me back there when I was a kid. So many beautiful images and wonderful story!

    1. Aww, thanks for the kind words, Lori, and yes, get out there! The Gila was spectacular! I want to hike it again some day.

  5. It was a pleasure reading your story , I’m sure that’s memories you could never remake. I’m glad you made it safely through all the areas and weather with injuries and of course a toe nail off , yiir a troooer for sure . Congrats on finishing . Awesome . My fiancé is from Show-Low , th white mountains in AZ , he has promised to take me to all his places , his old stomping grounds lol .

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