Wyoming! (Lima, MT to Yellowstone NP, WY)

15 thoughts on “Wyoming! (Lima, MT to Yellowstone NP, WY)

  1. We can offer 8 days sailing in the Whitsundays with no duties except galley slave (G&T prep) duties, so no work for the feet, and the Watership Down DVD to watch, or you can continue to inflict grievous bodily harm on yourself on a daily basis over there.
    Just joking, I hope you continue meeting milestones – maybe Steamboat ?

  2. Congratulations! Awesome achievement, my friend. You are truly an inspiration to me. Thought the sheep research was pretty random…had a giggle. Set a milestone and tell me where I can send a package. Enjoyed sharing a cocktail and a taco with you!

  3. Hey Kate, I get so excited when I see a new post! So happy you made it to Yellowstone, what a perfect rest stop. The pictures of your feet make me hurt for you tho, I can’t believe what you’ve endured. You are one tough trekker and here I am still teaching my fractured foot to just effing walk!! I’m down to one crutch tho, yay! What would we do without physical therapy to fix things? Keep going, I’m rooting for you! Lorraine

  4. Dear Kate. You continue to be an inspiration to the Richards girls! We are impressed every time we mark another destination on the CDT map. Congratulations on conquering one third of your journey!! (What is the official halfway point?) Much love. Sonja xx

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