Montanaho! (Chief Joseph Pass to Bannock Pass)

13 thoughts on “Montanaho! (Chief Joseph Pass to Bannock Pass)

  1. Love catching up with you. Sounds like you are holding up fairly well, though it is no surprise you are a bit banged up. Take care, we think of you often and hope for happy trails.

    Paul and Alison

  2. 600+ wow keep it going Kate, maybe we’ll meet up in the Winds, I know a place for a good greasy burger. Love seeing Lemhi pass I have read just about everything there is to read about Lewis & Clark, we will have to go there next time we are up that way.Hope the aches and pain are behind you, best of luck hope to catch you at Green River Lakes.

  3. Gosh Kate, i laughed at your trail jokes but ache all over in sympathy for your sore feet and hip flexor! I’m finally getting close to walking on both feet after my foot fracture but man, it’s been a very long recovery. Physical therapy is going to be my next stage and finally driving, Yay! Hopefully I can get to SB soon and talk to your retail group. I love hearing about the trail magic and kindness of others, so heartwarming. Stay safe and blister free! “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield” (Ulysses) Lorraine

    1. Ulysses and Dick Bass?
      Thanks Lorraine. Good luck with PT, that’s a long journey. Let me know when you’re ready to get started at SB and we’ll get you lined up with something, MP still looking good!

  4. Hey Kate, I don’t know if you have bandwidth or a device to listen to a podcast, but there’s an awesome one called Sounds of the Trail with stories from thru-hikers on the CDT, Appalachian and PCT. You might even meet some of the contributors as you’re hiking.

  5. I hiked with Avo and Gabs last year on the trail! They’re wonderful folks – glad to see they had trail magic out for you!

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