McDonald Pass to Four Corners (Helena to Anaconda)

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  1. Kate, I’m loving your blog! I binged on it today & got all caught up 🙂 your bear stories were unreal, so glad you’re safe, but I did laugh out loud at your retelling of it! You are one tough babe & your love of the umbrella is an homage to Dick whether you know it or not. He swore by the umbrella on treks he did! Keep going, keep writing please! Armchair enthusiast, Lorraine

    1. Awww, did Dick really hike with an umbrella? I had no idea. That’s great, I’m sure i’ll think of him often when I use it then! Great that you’re following along! Hope your ankle is recovering from surgery!

  2. 400 miles! You’re motoring along the CDT – I need to get my daughter to read your blog. She has just announced her plan to take a year off before college to hike at long distance trail. Stay safe!

    1. Which Simon is this (I think I have 3 Simon followers :))? Great news that your daughter is trading books for a backpack, I thoroughly approve! Let me know if I can help with anything! There’s some really good hiking blogs out there, one that I used as a resource a lot when preparing for this was Wired’s site, she’s done the Triple Crown (the 3 main US long distance trails) as well as a bunch of other great stuff, also has lots of advice on gear and detailed trip reports. Let me know if I can help!

    1. Hey Paul! I think they call it ‘type 2 fun’. Body is going where the mind wills it, for now. Ha. Taking it one segment at a time, but so far the mind is prevailing. Yay!

  3. We just missed you , we camped in the Beaverhead the last two nights, just below Wise river, at Grasshopper campground. Well enjoy the hike through there Lewis & Clark passed that way 210 years ago, Lemhi pass. We want to go back and explore that area some more.Enjoy the reading and pictures Kate, safe travels.

    1. Lemhi is on the section from Chief Joseph to Bannock Pass, i’ll walk right through it! Bummer I missed you. Hopefully the starts align and i’ll run into you guys somewhere further south.

  4. Hi Kate, I love your blog! Your writing and the pictures – it’s all so awesome and inspiring. Can’t wait for the next post.

    1. Hey there Molly! Thanks so much for the kind words, and for following along! You can talk though, you guys are always off on an amazing adventure. You should read River Horse, it’s a great book that’s right up your alley, I just finished listening to it.

      1. River Horse is ordered and I’m excited to read it! Maybe when you’re finished with the CDT, you can join Baxter and I from VA down to the Caribbean on our boat…we’re heading that way this winter. Safe travels.

      2. Hey Molly! You will really like the read! Wow, cruising the seas with you guys sounds incredible… I’d love to do that but when the hike is done I’ll be well overdue at work. Thanks so much for the offer though! If I didn’t have a job to get back to id absolutely be there! Thank you thank you thank you 😊

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