Rogers Pass to McDonald Pass (Lincoln to Helena)

12 thoughts on “Rogers Pass to McDonald Pass (Lincoln to Helena)

  1. Hi Kate, I think of you often and have watched on the GPS site to see where you are. You can go to Google Maps and switch to satellite view and really zoom in… it is weird to think you are out there. Glad to hear you have some company off and on. All good here, Alison says hi (she is 3.5 weeks in to radiation but going strong!!).

    Keep in touch and stay safe.

    Paul and Alison Roland

    1. Hey Paul and Al! Great to hear from you. I’m happy to hear the radiation is underway, it’ll be good to get that over with. That’s cool that you can zoom in and see the detail in Goggle Maps, maybe you can give me the intel on where I should camp each night?? 🙂 xxx

  2. Sounds like the adventure continues at a nice clip Kate.
    Keep the posts coming.
    Swam in Lake Superior tonight – felt like an ice bath.

    1. Hey Dave! Adventure is going well, I love it. Glad you like the posts, it’s a commitment for sure, but I know everyone loves reading about what’s going on, and i’m going to enjoy doing the same a few years from now too. Happy to hear you’re up at Lake Superior and taking a break from work! Ice baths are great, you just have to embrace them. Hi to the family.

  3. Thank you for the panorama! Gorgeous. I like Helena too. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream. Glad you could sort out your leg issues too. Hopefully it keeps you going. Love that you cooeed! Send me details on how I can send you something.

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