Many Glacier to East Glacier, Montana

17 thoughts on “Many Glacier to East Glacier, Montana

  1. Glad to see the St Hilda’s education didn’t go to waste – teaching you to sing to bears ! Take great care during the next isolated stretch. Love dad

  2. You are such a rock star Kate! I so love reading this. And I desperately need a trail. Maybe not for 6 months, but maybe a few days. Love the pics. You’re the best. Miss you — 🙂

    1. Maggie!!! Miss you. Hope things in Maggie-land are well and that you and Chip are enjoying that new garden! Thanks for following!

  3. You’re nuts. Amazing scenery. Moose and griz’, despite the adrenaline and given you survived to tell the tale, what amazing encounters! Glad you’re ok. Keep up the cheering! Love the pics and your dialogue. It’s like I’m walking beside you, while sitting on my couch. I’m cool with that.

    1. Arm chair travel at it’s best is the goal! 🙂 Strange how all those cheers started coming back after all these years. Fun memories for sure! Hi to Mat and Gremlin.

  4. Be careful out there!

    On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 11:59 PM, The Road Less Traveled wrote:

    > Kate posted: “Well, I’ve hiked the length of Glacier National Park! The 70 > miles from Many Glacier to East Glacier was certainly adventure packed: > mountain passes with dramatic views, two super scary Grizzly encounters, > getting stuck in a rain/wind storm on Triple Divi” >

    1. Hmmm, yes, you don’t want to surprise them. Mtn biking in Grizzly country… it would be tough not to do that. Exactly why I make so much noise. That’s a sad deal.

  5. Hi there Kate! I wanted to check in on you! The blog is most inspiring to read. Pics are amazing. I am sending good wishes your way. Enjoy your trek! Big hug, Ruthie 😎

    1. Thanks Ruthie for the kind words and the hug! I needed it yesterday, so thanks!!! Glad you’re along for the journey. x

  6. Great read Kate and you write it with such wonderful descriptive text of people and places you meet- you can turn this into a novel, Girl Gone Wild! I love all the pics, esp the moose drooling in the pond and the ecxeptional landscape. Keep safe, dry and that can of grizzly spray nearby. Adrian & Judy

    1. Glad to have you following along Adrian and Judy! Thanks for the nice words. The grizzly spray is definitely always within arms reach, i’m not messing around with those animals.

  7. Wow! What else to say, love your blog and so impressed by your courage. No more Bears! Enjoy the next leg.

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