Canada to Many Glacier

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  1. Hey Kate – Sounds like it’s going well, albeit a little stymied at the moment.
    Thought of you driving through Colorado with the family and going over the Cont Div.
    We hiked today near Breckenridge to about 13,000′ and I was a little winded. Beautiful views and mtn goats that were very accustomed to people.
    Keep up the great posts and keep on singing.

  2. Yeah Kate! Glacier is soo grand. We will retrace a few of your steps ina few. Just lIke a huge version of the Winds. Safe travels and take lots of pictures of those wildflowers! So glad to see you on the trail.

    1. Yay Ems! Sorry we didn’t get to have that whiskey before I left. Come find me somewhere on trail, whiskey or latte equally welcome!

  3. Looks amazing Kate glad you have got some company to enjoy the park with. Good luck on the rest of the trip.We can hardly wait to get up there in July.Enjoy the burgers and fries😉

  4. Hi Kate! Congrats on the start of your amazing adventure. My son, Tim, is the Beverage Manager for the park, based at the Many Glacier Hotel. Stop in and say hello if you have a chance. Hope to see you when you come through Steamboat!

  5. Scenery is amazing. So glad your legs are enabling to you enjoy this stunning walk. Am also glad you had the occasional hiking buddy to create enough conversational noise to keep the bears away.

  6. Stunning photos, fit for a desktop. Take care with all the wild fauna (do they have a mountain lion spray ?). So glad to hear the body is cooperating. We are following your travelog with great interest so keep it up. Wish I was there (with reservations about the fauna, the battle with distance and gravity etc..)
    Good to see you are taking the ice bath at the end of the day ! It works for me.

    1. Yeah, you guys would love it here. I was actually thinking that on the hike into town. We should plan a trip here in the next couple of years, I’d love to spend more time hiking in this Park.

  7. Bloody hell, Kate. Amazing scenery. All you’re missing are tigers and you’re in Oz! ‘You’d better be bad, you’d better be bold, you’d better be wiser. my oh my, hey hey hey.’ Auzza or Prue would remember. Don’t get killed or mauled.

    1. Be’el… the actual school song ‘…And strive with might, for God and right, for country, school and Queen’. Find out and teach it to Evie while you’re at it- the beer hall version!

  8. Wow Kate, so impressed with your adventurous spirit, independence and courage to do it alone! Love the photos!! Meanwhile I had foot surgery, splint, cast, then boot before I can bear weight. Unreal! I hope this heals so I can enjoy trekking and hiking again but not at your level, I’d be happy to just be able to hike to Hidden Peak. Keep safe, no injuries, and keep posting. I’ll enjoy the journey vicariously thru you!

    1. Hey Lorraine! Guess who created the corporate culture that has facilitated these crazy adventures over the years! 🙂 Sorry to hear about the ankle, that’s such a bummer! Heal well, no point rushing it, then you’ll be back to fun stuff soon enough. Glad you’re following the adventure!

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