Stansbury Front Trail

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  1. Hey there – found this by way of Google…my friend and I tried to get up there a couple weeks ago by way of South willow canyon (deseret peak trail), but found it still had too much snow a couple of miles in. Your cross-trek sounds like fun though and good to know the snow is mostly melted.
    So anyway, I was wondering if you could share some details? Which trailhead or point did your enter at? Was it in North willow?
    Was the trail down the range clear/easy to follow?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Jamie!

      Glad you found me, i try to put in some detail so i can help out other hikers. 🙂

      I’ll bet all the snow drifts have melted by now on the SFT. The trail is 24 miles and starts about .5 miles from where the West Canyon road ends. Navigation is pretty basic, but definitely take a map. The trail finishes in the south at the end of the Big Hollow Road near
      Rush Valley. Big Hollow Road is pretty rough to drive, you’ll want a 4WD or to go really slowly.
      This site was really helpful:, although the mileage was off in a few places and the gps coordinates weren’t accurate. I’m going to edit the post in a minute with some info, gps coordinates etc, that will help supplement the Tooele County site.

      Also, the site says that the only reliable water is in 3 canyons. As at the date i hiked, there were a lot of the seasonal sources still running, especially between White Pine Pass and Box Elder Pass, and then also in Hickman Canyon. I wasn’t sure and carried from Medina Flats, but as it turns out it was unnecessary. Better safe than thirsty though!

      Have fun! Let me know if you need any more info!

  2. Hey there, I did this over memorial day weekend probably around 1994, stashed my mountain bike in North Willow, drove down to Big Hollow, what a great time! Your description of your adventure brought back great memories. Me and my dog Buddy. Thanks! And yes when I got to North Willow it was packed with people, lucky my bike was discovered by good person.

    1. I loved this trail, such a great hike to have so close to Salt Lake City. One thing I love about the mountains…. they probably didn’t look so different in 1994 when you did it! Thanks for your note.
      – Elevated

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