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  1. You may be elevated but I am depressed reading that nobo/sobo stuff, and understanding that meeting you somewhere en route is not going to happen. On the other hand it was elevating to see your photos and read your post and I can understand your enthusiasm for the grand hike next year. To think that if we had sent you to the local high school you might have been taking a pain free cruise liner voyage to Fiji with deck quoits and daiquiris instead of all this !

    Love Depressed (and, at times, Elevated)

    Byron Hinterland Villas (formerly Suzanne’s Hideaway) 20 Elliot Rd, Clunes. NSW. 2480 AUSTRALIA

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  2. Hi, splendid news that you’re back hiking. Looking forward to following your journey next year. Now inspired to have a few nights out on the Pennine way. Good luck for your 2016 hike

      1. Hi kate, I’ve been asked ti give an evening talk about my Appalachian trail hike at the Weardale Ski Club AGM. I’m going to include a bit on trail journals, would it be ok to mention your hike/journal?
        Thanks Steve

  3. Hi Kate, just to let you know the Appalachian Trail talk went off without a hitch. The audience & I really enjoyed it.
    Thanks Steve

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