Success, Failure and What’s Next…

8 thoughts on “Success, Failure and What’s Next…

  1. Sweet Kate, I have been following your blog. I am sorry I haven’t written sooner. I could not believe it when I learned the hike was over! But, it sounds like Australia is the best place to be for now. I am wishing you safe travels. Everyone at SB will be here to greet you with open arms upon your return. You’ll make this hike when the time is right! Just a blip in the “road”. But, as we all know… and as a great songwriter (ROBERT EARL KEEN) says…”THE ROAD GOES ON FOREVER AND THE PARTY NEVER ENDS”. Blessings my friend, Ruthie

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I look forward to hearing all about your continued adventures. Happy recovery! 🙂

  3. Great having you stay at home with us for your initial recovery…pity you weren’t able to get into the surf with us. Good luck with continuing recovery at SB!

  4. Guess the Arnica cream didn’t work as well as I’d hoped then?
    May be back out there myself next year but probably a southbound.
    I’ll buy you a beer my friend if we cross paths.
    Sorry, WHEN we cross paths 🙂
    ~ Fozzie x

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