The results of an MRI shows a stress fracture in the tibia of my left leg. I am SO disappointed!!! It’s a 4-6 week recovery before I can start exercising on it again. CDT 1 : Kate 0. I WILL BE BACK, to even the score, CDT. But probably not this year. 

I suspect what happened was that my left leg still wasn’t very strong coming out of the rehab I had done on the left ankle leading up to this trip, and it wasn’t up to the task.

Here’s how I think it unfolded:

I sprained my ankle last June trail running, by August I thought it had gotten better but my knee developed a problem.

I saw a sports med doc about the knee on and off for the next 6 mths and despite the treatments it kept getting inflammed and sore.

Early March I saw a physio therapist to see if something else was happening, she figured out pretty quickly my ankle was causing my gait to change and that was putting stress on my knee, I spent hours a day rehabbing the ankle and adjusting my gait back to normal and a couple of weeks before this trip I had achieved that. I had been carrying a loaded pack and walking 10 mile days, but not concurrently. Outlook was for 99% chance of a successful hike, so things were looking very good!

However, all of the muscles etc in that leg weren’t as strong as my right leg, and so when subjected to walking in soft sand, long miles and a heavy pack it was under stress. The cherry on top was when I developed the blister under my left toe and in my efforts not to change my gait, I think I over compensated and pronated too much. At some point my leg decided enough was enough and it developed a stress fracture.

While it seems like the end of the world to me, and it sure does, it’s certainly not, and the trail will always be here.

Embrace the Brutality (until it takes you down)

– Elevated


25 thoughts on “Disappointment”

  1. F#ck!! All that planning and all that gear and trail food and….and F#ck! Sorry but I’m upset I think I have a tiny idea of just what went into planning this, so sorry…stay…elevated.

  2. Sorry, Kate. That totally sucks! But on the bright side, you have lots of time to get ready for next year. Keep your blog up so those of us not at Snowbird can check in on your progress toward recovery. Had my fingers crossed for your journey, guess now it’s just a different journey.

  3. I’m so sorry Kate! I can only imagine your disappointment. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. Kate – I’m sorry at this news! It must feel like a huge anticlimax after all the prep and training. Whatever will you do with 24 boxes of supplies? LOL! They’ll last till next year, right? So this is not a defeat, just a tactical withdrawal until conditions are ripe to conquer the CDT!

    1. Thanks Simon! Yep, huge anticlimax is a pretty apt description! My freeze dried meals will keep for next year. A lot of the bars won’t, but I know this little grocery store that may do a deal with me 😉

  5. Really sad, but it’s a nice time of the year for waves in Byron Bay ! Buy you a surfboard ?

  6. Hey Neighbor, Sounds like a pretty bad deal, I’m sorry. But as they say in the Himalaya “Mountain (or trail) not go away Siaebe (sp?)” Here’s to a fast recovery, and the future realization of your dreams.


  7. So sorry for your Kate, what a disappointment. Speedy recovery – enjoy some R&R time, and as you said, the trail will always be there for you to embrace at a later date.

  8. Oh Kate, we are devastated for you. We admire your resilience and optimism but we are still devastated for you!! Much love and many hugs and kisses from the Richards girls xoxoxo

  9. Richard also thinks this means you are fated to spend a season in Perisher to truly appreciate Snowbird!!

  10. So sorry to hear this Kate! You’re a champion and I hope you have a speedy recovery. I also hope you get some nice relaxing done. Chin up x

  11. Bad luck. So you were walking with a tibial fracture for the past couple of weeks. Mmmm…you must be one tough sheila. Can you post your best MR image on the blog? Can you finish CDT on a trail horse? Enjoyed the blog.

    1. Simon, shall do! Just getting back from Australia, I’ll let you know when it’s up! No horse, even better, on foot… But next year!

  12. Shooooooot. Love you. Maybe now u will just have to come to the boat for r and r. Besos us

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