Starting Tomorrow!

Well, here I am! In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be sitting in a hotel room in southwestern New Mexico about to attempt to hike from the Mexican Border, through the USA, all the way to the Canadian border. Yet here I am! Here’s a quick update:

The last few months have been thoroughly exhausting. I underestimated the planning it takes to do something like this. I have prepared 26 resupply boxes and they’re all ready to be mailed to various places along the trail, each with maps, food, and other supplies. Here’s some of them all lined up and ready to go: 

I can’t tell you the relief I felt finishing that gigantuan task, which in classic Kate style was at 5am right before heading to the airport at 6!

I caught a plane to Phoenix, taxi to the greyhound station, long bus ride to Lordsburg, then a short walk to the hotel. Lordsburg is a town about 90 miles from the Mexican border. From here I’ll catch a shuttle down barely maintained jeep roads to a remote location on the border. Here’s the view from my hotel:


Since arriving I’ve met a lot of awesome people. Explored the thriving metroplolis of Lordsburg today and ate Mexican with Cookie Monster, Apache and Jay, which is awesome because we all start our hike tomorrow. I’m loving meeting all of the characters and hearing the story behind the trail names. Here’s a bunch of us eating our last supper: 

I’m in good spirits and really excited to start the walk! It’s been a tough couple of months though. My ankle has made a full recovery, that’s the best news! I got really sick a week and a bit ago, which never happens to me. I think it was my body telling me it needs more than a few hours sleep a night! I’d been burning it at both ends for over a month and woke up one morning with a fever and less than 50% breathing capacity- some kind of nasty virus going around apparently. I’ve pretty much recovered from that now also, so that’s great. Now I’m just feeling pretty exhausted from the craziness that has been the past 6 months. So, I’m really looking forward to starting the hike tomorrow and getting myself centered again. I plan to take it really easy this first leg, going to shoot for mellow 14 mile days… Plenty of time to drink water, stretch, break my body in slowly and ENJOY walking through the desert! It’s going to be incredible!

I should be back in Lordsburg on Sunday. I’ll post pictures and stories of the first 85 miles then!

Here I go!!!!!!!

16 thoughts on “Starting Tomorrow!”

  1. You go girl! First day is the hardest right? Besides, you’re not allowed to quit now with 26 food boxes packed and paid for! Good luck and stay safe!

  2. We are in complete awe of your thorough planning and inspirational sense of adventure, Kate. I have just printed maps so that Bella and Sascha can follow your journey! Take care. xoxo

  3. I miss you already. You’re so awesome!! And I’m so looking forward to your posts!! Hugs!!

  4. Good luck Kate! I am looking forward to following your amazing adventure! All the best and take care. x

  5. Now for the easy part, right? Have a great adventure and keep safe. We’ll be following your blog along the way. See you in Montana in September. Love

  6. Kate, I’m so in awe of your adventure. Excited to follow you along the way. See you in Steamboat! Travel safe!

  7. Good luck Kate, I know you can do it. We hope to see you in Yellowstone! Keep us posted.

  8. Good luck, Kate, kick some ass! Excited to hear all your stories when you’re done. Be safe!

  9. Still can’t get your site on the snowbird computers arghh..but Pauline bought me a tablet for my b day and saved the day! We will be keeping an eye on you.

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